Commit 7031e5a1 authored by UltimateByte's avatar UltimateByte Committed by GitHub
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added hostname

parent e1b3877c
......@@ -100,7 +100,7 @@ if [ "${harm}" == "1" ]; then
fn_logecho "[INFO] The following process will be killed: ${pid} ${pidname} ${piduser} ${pidcommand}"
kill -9 "${pid}"
fn_logecho "[OK] Job done, exiting"
tail -${maillogsize} "${log}" | mail -s "localhost - ${pidname} - ${portcheck} killed" ${maillog}
tail -${maillogsize} "${log}" | mail -s "$(hostname -s) - ${pidname} - ${portcheck} killed" ${maillog}
fn_logecho "[OK] This program seems legit, exiting."
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