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## Requirements
- Debian or RedHat based distro should work OK, checks are made for apache config files locations anyways
- Your Plesk default domain must be set to "None" (default).
- This script assumes that your machine hostname is the one to connect to for mail, and that it has SSL/TLS certificates (best practice).
- Your DNS zones shall preferably be managed into Plesk, otherwise, for Thunderbird autoconfig to work, you just need to add the following CNAME to your domain names' DNS zones: autoconfig > [hostname].tld.
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If you need different settings for emails (ports, protocols, etc.), feel free to fork this, and change the repo (gituser, gitrepo, and gitbranch) to yours.
# Credits
From the Company HaiSoft
From the Company HaiSoft
Benoît Ouacham:
Robin Labadie:
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