Commit ce996921 authored by UltimateByte's avatar UltimateByte Committed by GitHub
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Removed useles & problematic /mail alias

parent 3482c388
......@@ -213,8 +213,7 @@ RewriteRule .* /ios/iphone.xml [R]" > "${autodiscoverhtaccess}"
echo ""
fn_logecho "[ INFO ] Writing autodiscover httpd configuration file"
sleep 0.5
echo "Alias /mail \"${autoconfigpath}\"
Alias /autodiscover \"${autodiscoverpath}\"
echo "Alias /autodiscover \"${autodiscoverpath}\"
Alias /Autodiscover \"${autodiscoverpath}\"
Alias /ios \"${iospath}\"" > "${httpdautodiscoverconf}"
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